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The Consequences of Angry Drivers

Road rage is a serious problem in Houston and throughout the United States. Drivers are running low on patience and high on stress as they navigate Texas highways and busy city streets. When drivers lose their temper and lash out at another driver, they can lose control of their vehicle. The resulting impact on other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists is tragic if not deadly.

If you suffered serious harm due to a reckless driver, don’t let them get away with it. Contact a Houston car accident lawyer today to discover how much you are entitled to.

Examples of Road Rage

Even the most patient drivers can lose their cool behind the wheel. Actions that begin as aggressive driving can quickly escalate into road rage, resulting in an accident with serious injuries.

A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that nearly 80% of survey participants admitted to aggressive driving at least once within the previous month.

Speeding, purposely tailgating, excessive honking, and other behaviors can evolve into acts of road rage, including:

  • Throwing objects at cars
  • Purposely ramming vehicles
  • Intentionally sideswiping
  • Purposely running a car off the road

Significant factors that contribute to many Houston area road rage incidents are our busy roads and frequent construction work. Traffic jams are stressful, and one driver attempting to get one car ahead is typically all it takes for other drivers to experience road rage.

If you suffered serious injuries that prevent you from working, chances are that your medical bills continue to rise with no relief in sight. The stress of your situation can prevent you from securing the rest necessary to heal.

Angry drivers who use their vehicles as weapons or who exit their vehicles to confront another driver must face accountability. Their split-second decision to act in a harmful way toward you out of anger endangers everyone around them. It can harm you financially, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

A Houston road rage lawyer can help you through this trying time. A free case consultation can help you determine your next move. If the driver responsible for your car accident acted negligently, hand your case over to an attorney who can manage the details of your legal claim and guide you to success.

Your Road Rage Injuries

A road rage incident can result in serious and sometimes permanent injuries. The anger expressed by the other driver can cause you to experience one or more of these traumatic injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): The brain is one of the body’s most complex organs. When this sensitive organ is injured, normal brain function can stop or become impaired. Once-easy functions, such as mobility and cognitive skills, may now prove difficult and require therapy. The costs associated with a severe TBI can plague a patient for life.
  • Spinal cord injury: This type of catastrophic injury results in a reduction in movement and sensation or a complete loss of the two. A spinal cord injury generally results in some form of paralysis, making a wheelchair or power chair necessary. The ripple effect of the new form of mobility includes home modifications and accessible transportation for the chair. The lifetime costs of a spinal cord injury can easily reach millions of dollars.
  • Internal injuries: Road rage incidents can result in internal injuries that only a medical professional can diagnose. Many internal injuries, such as internal bleeding, can damage organs or be fatal if left undetected.
  • Gunshot wound: A gunshot wound can shatter bone and cause extensive internal damage. If a road rage incident left you hospitalized with a gunshot wound, contact a Houston car accident lawyer as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation.

Broken bones and other trauma may require a lengthy stay in a rehabilitation center or placement in a skilled nursing facility. Paying for such care is the responsibility of the road rage driver, not their injured victim. A Houston car accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate and prove driver negligence.

The rising cost of healthcare makes the pursuit of compensation for your accident injuries all the more imperative. Never accept less than you deserve. There is no quick fix to your situation, but you can place your trust the civil process by hiring a Houston lawyer today.

Compensation Worth Fighting For

When it comes to Houston car accident cases, compensation is never guaranteed. It is impossible to predict the outcome of a road rage claim and lawsuit, but most Houston car accident cases do settle out of court. Still, hiring a lawyer with trial experience is crucial if your case goes before a judge and/or jury.

Your medical costs are worth fighting for, along with:

  • Your lost wages due to your recovery.
  • Your future earnings if you can’t work in the same job as before the accident.
  • The pain and suffering and mental anguish of the incident and its effect on your overall quality of life.

Insurance companies want to do what is best for their interests, not yours. An insurance adjuster may swoop in and offer you a settlement before you contact an attorney. You may want to accept it; however, by doing so, you will likely waive the right to sue the company later for additional compensation. Don’t let them pressure you, and don’t miss out on the money you need!

Accepting a settlement offer without any legal advice is never a good idea. The insurance industry is known for confusing accident victims with terms and conditions one might not comprehend when recovering from injuries.

If you suffered serious harm due to an irate driver who failed to keep their cool, fight to recover compensation to cover the cost of your injuries. Settling for less than your claim is worth may make for a challenging future, should your medical condition worsen.

A Houston car accident attorney understands how insurance companies operate. An experienced attorney can easily spot tactics used to confuse victims. Having someone with this knowledge on your side is invaluable when you’re fighting for maximum compensation.

When Road Rage Kills

Road rage is especially tragic when it results in death. The knowledge that your loved one will never return home due to another driver’s short temper is frustrating. You may want to pursue a wrongful death claim to hold any at-fault parties accountable for your loss.

The sudden loss of your loved one can leave you with the unexpected expense of a funeral. Many families find themselves unprepared for the thousands of dollars needed for a casket, service, burial, or cremation. When the death results from negligence, the responsible party should pay the costs.

Other types of compensation possible in a wrongful death claim and lawsuit include:

  • Final medical bills for your loved one
  • Loss of income if your loved one contributed to your household expenses
  • Loss of future earnings, had your loved one survived the road rage incident
  • Loss of companionship your loved one provided you
  • Loss of inheritance for surviving children

Your loss leaves you no time to deal with aggressive insurance adjusters. A lawyer can get to work on your behalf as you inform friends and family, make final arrangements for your loved one, and process your grief.

Wrongful death lawyers have the experience necessary to handle cases filled with such raw emotion. While they serve clients with compassion, they simultaneously counter insurance adjuster aggression by firmly fighting for compensation on your behalf.

You Can Help Your Case

Right from the start, there are things you can do to help your lawyer build your case. You can take the following steps to provide your lawyer with the information necessary to prove negligence:

  • Obtain a copy of the police report regarding the incident
  • Collect contact information for witnesses
  • Take pictures of the accident scene
  • Gather all your medical records and expenses
  • Keep track of your pay and lost hours from your employer, if applicable

Road rage incidents typically make the local news. If a reporter approaches you regarding your accident, do not provide a statement. If the at-fault party’s attorney contacts you, indicate that you either have or are pursuing legal representation. You are not obligated to provide anyone with a statement.

Sharing a small detail can harm your case or serve as information that an insurance company will use against you. Depending upon the type of information, an insurance adjuster may use it to blame you for the road rage incident.

Houston car accident lawyers understand how to handle the media. If necessary, they can represent you on camera and off. Your experience was traumatic enough without the pressure from the media for an interview and an insurance adjuster hounding you for a settlement. Leave both to a lawyer and focus your efforts on resting and healing.

Houston Traffic Is Amongst the Worst In the Nation

The data does not lie: Houston ranks eighth in the United States when it comes to cities with the worst traffic. All Texans and visitors to the state have a destination, a meeting, an event, or some place where they need to arrive on time, and being stuck in traffic is frustrating and stressful. Agitation can quickly set in as drivers’ nerves start to plan ways to block others or get ahead themselves. Both moves are dangerous and can result in tragic outcomes for all parties.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries due to a road rage incident, do not speak to the media or insurance companies alone. Consider hiring an attorney to represent you and to protect your legal interests.

No one enjoys sitting in standstill traffic. Losing patience is one thing, but acting on that frustration in a way that harms others constitutes negligence. Paying for your damages after a road rage accident should not be your burden to bear.

Consider Getting Help for Your Road Rage Case Today

An incident of road rage can impact you physically, financially, and emotionally. You or a close loved one may face a long recovery or have a permanent injury with ongoing expenses. You may suffer from PTSD from the event as well.

Road rage is extremely dangerous, as the unexpected actions of others can change your life forever. The adjustments you or a loved one must make will have an impact on how you play with your children, enjoy your favorite hobby, or interact with your partner.

These and other changes are unfair, and we demand justice. Consider getting help for your road rage case today. The statute of limitations allows two years from injury or the date of death for pursuing civil action. Twenty-four months fly by fast when you suffer emotional and physical trauma.

A Houston Road Rage Lawyer Can Help

Having someone by your side allows you more time to focus on other matters. Whether you face additional surgeries or must lay a loved one to rest, knowing your case is in good hands is invaluable.

A free case consultation leaves you nothing to lose as you explore your legal options. Should you miss the statute of limitations for filing your case, you won’t have a second chance. The sooner you contact a Houston law firm to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney, the better off your case will be.

Road rage occurs when Houston drivers lose their cool. Patience is a virtue, and when patience is lost, a vehicle can become a dangerous weapon. No one gets behind the wheel expecting not to return home or expecting to wake up in a trauma center, facing a long road to recovery.

If you or a loved one experienced a road rage incident that resulted in multiple damages for you, consider taking legal action. Protecting your best interests is vital as you continue your journey toward a brighter tomorrow.

A Houston car accident or wrongful death lawyer will keep you informed. You never have to wonder about the status of your case when your attorney is just a phone call away should you have a question or a concern.

Road rage incidents demand accountability. The driver who engaged in road rage and who caused you harm might face criminal charges. You can still pursue a civil case against the at-fault party regardless of the outcome of the criminal case.

There is nothing we can do to improve Houston traffic immediately. However, there are ways to remain calm when in traffic. If someone lost their cool with you or a loved one, give careful thought to pursuing a civil claim and lawsuit against them for your damages. A Houston car accident lawyer can help you get started. Reach out for a free consultation today. We are available 24/7, and all case evaluations are convenient and confidential.

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