News & opinion What are Common Brain Injuries?

What are Common Brain Injuries?

What are Common Brain Injuries

The science on brain injuries is still emerging.  While much of the awareness of brain injuries has been brought into national focus via sports injuries, the truth is that only a very small percentage of brain injuries are caused by contact sports.  The vast majority of brain injuries in the United States are caused by everyday injuries and traumas, such as falls, car accidents, etc.  Unfortunately, brain injuries can be difficult to recognize, but left untreated, even minor brain injuries can have a lifetime of effects on the victim.

Common Brain Injuries

  1. Bruising: Bruising of the brain is a common injury that results from automobile accidents, falls, and sport-related accidents. The force involved in such occurrences can force the brain forward and then backward, or vice versa. The force can cause bruising in some areas and bleeding in others.
  2. Tearing: Another common effect of trauma to the brain is called tearing. The force of a collision can cause tearing. Tearing is similar to what happens if a block of ice were to be struck with a hammer; small cracks form, yet the block remains intact. The nerve system of the brain is usually damaged and, depending on the areas in which this occurs, can cause serious impairment of bodily functions.

Pursuing a Legal Claim for Brain Injuries

If you pursue a legal claim, your attorney may proceed under two legal theories in order to prove that you were injured because of someone else’s carelessness:

  1. Negligence: your attorney will seek to prove that someone owed you a legal duty of reasonable care, failed to fulfill that duty, and caused you to suffer injury as a result. A negligence theory of liability is used most often when someone’s action or inaction was the main cause the injury, as opposed to a product or piece of equipment.
  2. Product Liability: If a product caused the injury, you may wish to pursue a claim under this legal theory.

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