News & opinion SECRETS of Farmers Insurance Car Accident Claims EXPOSED!

SECRETS of Farmers Insurance Car Accident Claims EXPOSED!

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“We know from experience.”

“We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

With these slogans, Farmers Insurance wants you to put your trust in them. Their commercials, starring Academy Award-winning actor J.K. Simmons, make you believe they’re a company with enough insurance experience to help you when you really need it.

However, Farmers Insurance is only interested in making money—and they know a thing or two about how not to pay claims so they can make even more money!

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident and are now stuck dealing with Farmers Insurance, don’t get taken advantage of. Stand up for your rights, and get the compensation you need to put your life back on track.

We can help you on this journey. We’re here to share seven secrets we’ve learned in our years of dealing with Farmers Insurance claims.

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Over the years, Farmers Insurance Group has risen to become the third-largest insurance company in the United States, and car insurance is a huge piece of its profitable pie. Millions of people buy car insurance policies through Farmers. Farmers earns billions of dollars in revenue each year—and its success depends on limiting settlements on claims.

You may think it’s ironic that an insurance company, whose purpose is to cover losses, strives to cover as few losses as possible. However, insurance companies have the same goals as any other massive corporation: profits, profits, profits! And where do those profits go? Right to the very top! Farmers Insurance execs frequently get six-figure raises on top of six- and seven-figure salaries, and yet Farmers frequently pleads that it can’t afford to pay fair value on valid claims.

Farmers is no different than any other insurance company, so when you make a claim with them, you may run into complications, delays, and disappointments at every turn. After all, Academy Award-winning actors starring in your national television advertising campaigns don’t come cheap.

Millions of people in the United States have Farmers Insurance or policies through its subsidiary, 21st Century Insurance. As one of the largest auto insurance providers in the country, it’s all too likely you will get into a crash with a Farmers-insured driver and will have to deal with this company and its shady policies. Here are some secrets to help you gear up for the battle ahead.

SECRET #1 – Despite Their Advertising, Farmers Insurance is One of the WORST in the U.S.

In recent years, Consumer Reports gave Farmers Insurance a “Worse” rating for both “Problems with Claims” and “Delayed Payments.” Consumer Reports also said that Farmers was one of the “poorest performers” amongst many major insurance companies in terms of paying off automobile claims in 30 days or less.

In a JD Powers Collision Repair Satisfaction Study, Farmers was given the lowest possible ratings for claim settlements, the claim process and procedures, claim representatives, and overall experience for claimants and policyholders.

Additionally, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) ranked Farmers in its report on the Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America. One of the top reasons for this ranking was its participation in schemes to artificially inflate premiums while simultaneously enforcing policies to limit payouts whenever possible.

The report gives an example of a shameful denial of a valid auto accident claim by Farmers: A 60-year-old policyholder was in a coma for nine days following a devastating car accident. She suffered permanent injuries that required her to use a wheelchair. Farmers, however, denied her any coverage at all, claiming that the accident occurred due to purposeful road rage on the part of another driver and, therefore, was not covered as an “accident.” This case led to widespread publicity and anger against the company—rightfully so!

The even sadder truth is that the case above is not an isolated incident. Farmers Insurance regularly treats claimants and policyholders unfairly, leaving many injured accident victims to fend for themselves.

After a car accident, you’re probably feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. The good news is that you don’t have to face the insurance company alone. Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers can help.

We’ve dealt with Farmers claims many times, and we’ve seen every trick in the book. We know firsthand how this company plots to lower payments and increase profits, and we’re ready to fight for the rights of our clients against Farmers’ unfair system.

We regularly receive calls from people who started a claim on their own, only to realize how stressful and frustrating the Farmers claims process can be. As soon as we get involved, you can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on healing from your injuries instead of playing tug-o-war with the insurance company. We can help from the very start of your claim, or we can become involved after you’ve already filed a claim. In either situation, don’t want a moment longer to call our office for a free evaluation today at 800-898-4877 or contact us by clicking HERE to discuss your case for free.

SECRET #2 – Farmers Insurance Adjusters Are HIGHLY Motivated NOT to Pay Claims

You don’t have to rely on the horror stories from claimants to know that Farmers uses tactics to work against the best interests of claimants and policyholders. In fact, a few years ago, leaked internal documents exposed the policies of the company. Former employees also testified that they were given specific incentives to limit payouts.

The Farmers Insurance “Quest for Gold” program provided pizza parties and gift certificates to the adjusters who tricked or lied their way into the lowest possible payouts on their claims. Employees also received raises and positive evaluations based on their abilities to keep their claim payments at rock bottom – no matter how they did it. Emails were sent instructing adjusters to keep settlements low—even for valid claims—and stating that employees would get paid according to their payout records. Shocking, isn’t it? The less those adjusters pay you, the more they put in their pockets. Don’t forget:

Farmers adjusters put PIZZA PARTIES above a car accident victim’s needs!

Even though these whistleblowers tried to expose Farmers for its shameful tricks and games with claimants, our experience is that Farmers didn’t change its policies one bit. Farmers Insurance continues to reward employees for not doing what insurance companies should do—paying valid claims!

By now, Texas regulators and those from many other states have taken action against Farmers numerous times, alleging violations of consumer protection laws and standards.

Still, despite all of these issues, millions of drivers still carry Farmers auto insurance. This means that many car accident victims will regularly need to deal with the frustrating process of filing claims and seeking compensation from Farmers.

When an adjuster has an ulterior motive and incentives to lower your claim, you can bet you’re not going to get the settlement offer you expect right out of the gate. In fact, many people who don’t have the right legal representation never receive the offer they deserve from Farmers.

The best way to deal with this company is to retain legal counsel who understands how to protect your rights as a claimant and knows how to stand up to the tactics of this insurer.

We urge you to fight back against the Farmers adjuster, deny them their “pizza party” and get the full value for your claim!

If you are dealing with Farmers Insurance, call us right now for a free consultation at 800-898-4877 or contact us by clicking HERE to discuss your case for free.

SECRET #3 – Farmers Adjusters Have Many Tricks up Their Sleeves!

Even with all the information about Farmers coming out into the open, the company keeps finding new ways to keep money in the company’s accounts and out of the pockets of injured accident victims. Instead of focusing on how they can best help their customers and uphold insurance policies, Farmers adjusters are well-versed in tricks to challenge part or all of your claim.

Some ways that Farmers adjusters work to limit or deny claims include:

  • Getting you to agree to a recorded statement. Farmers Insurance adjusters will pressure you into giving them a recorded statement, then they will bait you into accidentally making statements that help them challenge your claim. Too many people agree to recorded calls, allowing adjusters to twist their words against the claimant’s interests. Most people don’t even realize they’ve said anything that may be misinterpreted until much later in the claims process! The truth is you are under no obligation to provide a recorded statement.
  • Convincing you to accept the first settlement offer. Insurance adjusters might try to tempt you by saying they can fast-track your claim if you accept the first offer. It may be tempting to take this deal. It’s only natural to want a check in your hand as soon as possible after a car crash, with so many bills piling up. Avoiding delays may sound beneficial, so you may agree on the phone to accept the first offer. Once you realize the first offer is much lower than you need or expect, the adjuster might claim your recorded agreement is legally binding!
  • Challenging liability for your accident. If a Farmers policyholder was 100% responsible for your crash and injuries, Farmers should cover 100% of your losses. However, if Farmers decides that you also contributed to the accident in any way, they can limit the claim amount by the percentage of your fault. For example, if you claim $100,000 of losses and Farmers alleges that you were 40% responsible for the accident, they can automatically slash your settlement by $40,000! This is a common tactic the company uses to try to convince you that you deserve much less than you claimed. Don’t get blamed for a wreck you did not cause.
  • Challenging the cause of your injuries. In order to collect money for injury-related losses, you must show that the car accident directly caused your injuries. The best way to prove this is to head to the emergency room or doctor as soon as you can after the crash. However, you may not realize you suffered injuries right away. Because of the adrenaline that rushes into your body during a traumatic event like a car crash, you might not notice injury symptoms immediately. Many accident victims wait a couple of days, a week, or longer to get a diagnosis. This can result in Farmers adjusters questioning whether your injuries were accident-related or whether you were hurt by another event.
  • Challenging the severity and effects of your injuries. A car accident impacts many areas of your daily life. You know how much pain you feel and how your injuries restrict you from working or completing everyday tasks. However, Farmers regularly challenges the claimed severity of accident injuries to try to reduce losses. For example, the adjuster may challenge the extent of your treatment and  question whether it was necessary, or they may allege you shouldn’t have missed so much work. They also regularly reduce damages for pain and suffering, as well as other noneconomic losses. It can be difficult to prove the severity and effects of your injuries, but our attorneys fight to do so for clients.

Trust us—Farmers will do anything and everything it can to limit the amount the company pays on your claim. People in the middle of a Farmers claim often realize that proving their damages may be more challenging than they thought. Having the help of an experienced lawyer right from the start can only benefit you!

Shortly after the accident, an adjuster will call you and will try to get you to make statements about the accident and your injuries. Beware: they are listening for anything they can use against you. Even the simplest offhand comment can come back to haunt you later on down the road, so it’s always best to say as little as possible. Let our lawyers handle all communications with the adjuster.

The adjuster might also tell you that you don’t need to call us at all. That’s because they don’t want you to have the advice and help of a lawyer. They know that the right lawyer will fight for the payment you deserve and put pressure on them. They’ll tell you that you can trust them and they’re on your side, so there’s no reason to get legal representation.

However, too many people learn very quickly that Farmers is not on their side at all.

Adjusters will also use tricks to get you to accept the first offer they put on the table. This offer is almost always far too low. If there’s a chance you may take an offer, why would Farmers not start low? The following are some ways they try to trick you into accepting far less than you deserve:

  • Delaying your claim and causing frustration so you might accept any offer just to get a check in your hand.
  • Getting you to agree to accept the first offer if they fast-track your claim.

Don’t trade tens of thousands of dollars for a quicker resolution. Get the money you deserve for your injuries. If Farmers is causing delays or making empty promises, you can bet their offer will only cover a fraction of your losses! Don’t let them get away with their tricks! Instead, call us right now for a free consultation at 800-898-4877 or contact us by clicking HERE to discuss your case for free. We’re here 24/7 to help!

SECRET #4 – At Farmers Insurance, A COMPUTER Decides Your Fate!

Farmers is also one of many insurance companies that uses a computer program called Colossus to determine settlement offers. This program is designed to minimize and undervalue personal injury claims, but Farmers Insurance adjusters are forced to use the calculations due to company policies. The program analyzes medical records and financial statements and then recommends a settlement for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This is often highly detrimental to your claim.

Every accident victim will have a different experience. Even two people who suffer the same traumatic brain injuries in car accidents will likely differ in the following:

  • Length of time in the hospital
  • Medical effects, which may include cognitive, physical, and behavioral impairments
  • Time needed for recovery
  • Effect of symptoms and impairments on their ability to work
  • Types of rehabilitative therapy required
  • Permanent disabilities from the brain injuries
  • Emotional effects of living with a traumatic brain injury

When determining an insurance settlement, adjusters should evaluate each claim on an individual basis, including the specific short-term and long-term effects of the injury on the car accident victim.

We know a computer program cannot take into account personal details, such as an individual’s PTSD from a car accident or depression as a result of permanent injuries and disabilities. Car accident injuries are subjective and unique, but computer programs treat them as objective and one-size-fits-all situations. A computer can never understand your pain—so Farmers shouldn’t use them!

At Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, our client-first approach is the foundation of our firm. We treat every client with the respect, patience, and compassion they deserve. Don’t get tossed aside by an insurance company who sees you as just another line of computer code.

The computer calculations can be far off, especially if your injuries are serious. Computer or not, remember that you do not have to accept Farmers’ low offer, nor should you! Quite frankly, before you even speak to a Farmers adjuster, you should immediately contact an auto insurance attorney who knows how this company works before you ever sign anything!

If you accept a settlement offer, that’s the amount you’re stuck with. Once you sign on the dotted line, you agree to waive your rights to file an additional claim or take legal action regarding that particular accident. Imagine the following:

  • Farmers makes an offer that seems reasonable to you at first, and you just want to get the process over with and pay your bills.
  • You accept the offer and receive a check.
  • You soon realize that the offer doesn’t even come close to covering all of your losses, including future medical expenses, lost income, incidental expenses, and more.
  • Because you signed the agreement, you have no way of seeking more compensation to cover your losses, and you’ll have many out-of-pocket expenses.

It’s always nice to conclude the insurance process as soon as possible, especially as the bills start to pile up. However, we want to emphasize to our clients that getting the settlement you need is much more important than speeding through the claims process. A Farmers auto accident claim can be a waiting game, as our lawyers will provide the evidence necessary to negotiate for a higher offer. Never rush to accept a settlement. Instead, contact our office and we’ll handle the entire process for you, keeping you informed of any progress in your claim.

SECRET #5 – You May Have to File A Lawsuit To Get What You Deserve

When the computer tells the Farmers Insurance adjuster to make a ridiculously low offer, the adjuster may not budge. You may need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. While this lawsuit is technically against the driver, you can bet that Farmers is covering the judgment up to the policy limits. For this reason, Farmers will still very much stay involved in your lawsuit.

One benefit of a lawsuit is that it will force Farmers to realize that a jury will take into consideration the subjective circumstances of your car accident injuries, unlike claim estimation computer programs. Juries also don’t have any incentive to limit compensation like Farmers Insurance employees have. Juries don’t get “pizza parties” for denying claims. In fact, juries often favor injured accident victims over big business insurance companies. For this reason, Farmers will often want to avoid a trial and may increase a settlement offer once you initiate litigation. They want to end the process before you ever make it into the courtroom!

Farmers and similar auto insurance companies do not want claimants to consult with personal injury attorneys. They know that a skilled car accident attorney will inform you of the full value of your claim, advise you when a settlement offer is insufficient, play hardball for a favorable settlement, and file a lawsuit when necessary.

These are all important reasons why you should ALWAYS consult with a car accident law firm before you file a claim with Farmers!

Our legal team is never hesitant to file a lawsuit when it’s in our clients’ best interests. Because Farmers will likely be paying the judgment, they will aggressively defend against your lawsuit and try to reduce your award.

Our lawyers handle the following and more during the litigation process:

  • Preparing a persuasive complaint that determines liability for the crash and the extent of your losses.
  • Filing and responding to motions to dismiss and other motions from Farmers attorneys.
  • Gathering evidence from the defendant during the discovery process, including using depositions, interrogatories, and written requests for production.
  • Building a strong case in your favor, as well as challenging any defenses presented by Farmers.
  • Negotiating with Farmers attorneys throughout the process to reach a settlement agreement in your favor.

Sometimes, simply filing the lawsuit is enough to get Farmers to make an appropriate offer. In other cases, Farmers Insurance will play hardball during the litigation process to try to get you to drop the case. Don’t worry – our lawyers also know how to play hardball in court to fight for your rights!

Call us right away to discuss your legal options at 800-898-4877 or contact us by clicking HERE to discuss your case for free.

SECRET #6 — Farmers Insurance Lowballs Its Own Insureds on Uninsured Motorists and PIP Claims As Well

If you are a Farmers policyholder and need to file an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim, or turn in a PIP claim for your medical bills, you may think that Farmers will make the process easier for you because you pay premiums and are their customer.

Think again.

Farmers—like other insurance companies—will often fight against the claims of their own insureds. Their profit margins are more important to them than their loyalty to their own customers.

If you were in a hit and run accident or an uninsured driver hit you, you will still need to fight an uphill battle even though you are filing a claim with your own insurer. Yes, even if you’ve been a customer for years and made every payment on time, you cannot count on the insurance company to be there when you need them. In some cases, you may even need to file a lawsuit against Farmers if it refuses to offer the full amount of your uninsured motorist claim. Anyone in this situation should seek assistance from an attorney who has experience dealing with Farmers Insurance injury claims.

SECRET #7 — Not EVERY Lawyer Knows How to Handle Claims with Farmers

Each insurance company is different, with its own policies and protocols regarding how it handles claims. Your lawyer may have to use a different approach when handling a Farmers claim than they might use for a GEICO claim, for example. It’s imperative that you seek help from a law firm that regularly goes head-to-head with Farmers Insurance.

Having the right lawyer who often plays hardball with Farmers sends the message that you won’t back down and accept a low offer. Farmers adjusters know which attorneys have experience with the company and which attorneys don’t. Don’t just call a lawyer for help, call the right car accident injury lawyer!

Our firm regularly handles claims with all the major insurance companies, including Farmers. We know how to challenge the adjuster’s allegations and the computer program’s one-size-fits-all calculations. We also are highly experienced litigators who know how to stand up for your rights in court.

While each case is different and no particular outcome can be guaranteed, you can greatly improve your chances of a favorable settlement by calling our law firm right away after a crash. We take the stress of an insurance claim off your shoulders, so you can focus on your health and recovery. We do the work for you!

Consult a Lawyer That Knows How to Fight Farmers Insurance Injury Claim Adjusters

While you may want to believe that an insurance adjuster has your best interests in mind, this is likely not the case. Insurance companies often have policies in place to increase profits by reducing payouts whenever possible.

The attorneys of Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers are nationally recognized car accident lawyers who have protected the rights of injured car accident victims for more than 20 years. If you were injured in a car wreck and are dealing with a Farmers Insurance claims adjuster, call our office right now to schedule a free consultation! Because we take all of our personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis, you will not owe us a DIME unless we win your case. We’re open 24/7, 365 days a year, so call us right away for a free case evaluation at 800-898-4877 or contact us now by clicking HERE. We’re here for you!

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