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Knee Injuries Caused by Car Accident

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With the number of commuters on the road, car accidents occur every day. In the best-case scenario, people in an accident can walk away with nothing but minor damage to their cars and no serious physical injuries. Unfortunately, however, far too often, accidents leave their victims hurt. Regardless of whether your car was rear-ended when you were sitting in traffic or hit while traveling at high speeds, you can incur SERIOUS damage and injuries. One common car accident injury that doesnt get a lot of attention is a knee injury, often caused by hitting your knees on the dashboard in a collision. While these injuries often go under the radar, they can cause dramatic and lasting damages.

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Common Types of Knee Injuries

While many people associate a car accident with whiplash, head injuries, or spinal cord damage, a knee injury is relatively common. Also, due to the nature of the injury and its symptoms, people often don’t realize the seriousness of the situation until days or weeks after the accident.

Although it might not seem as serious as these other types of injuries, a knee injury can leave you DEBILITATED and make a tremendous impact on your daily life. A knee injury can make it impossible to walk, drive, or enjoy the activities you once took part in. Depending on your occupation, a knee injury might prevent you from returning to your job.

Common causes of knee injuries in a car accident include:

  • Dashboard knee injuriesOne of the most serious knee injuries results from when an occupants knee smashes into the dashboard of the car. This mostly hurts those who ride as passengers in the front seat. A dashboard knee injury commonly results from a rear end accident where a strong force pushes the car (and passengers) forward. In many cases, these injuries involve serious bruises or even broken kneecaps.
  • DislocationA knee dislocation can prove incredibly painful and lead to other long-term issues. Some people will attempt to put their own knees back in place, and by doing so, cause additional injuries.
  • ACL tearsACL tears are one of the most serious knee injuries a person can sustain. They often require surgeries to correct. An ACL tear is usually caused by impact to or hyperextension of the knee. Those who sustain an ACL injury might hear a loud POP, then notice their knees quickly swell up after the impact. The recovery time after ACL surgery can take as long as nine months.
  • Meniscus tearDepending on the severity and depth of the injury, a tear to the meniscus might heal on its own. In severe cases, however, this injury requires surgical repair. Some people dont realize they have a torn meniscus until days after the accident, when symptoms (like swelling, stiffness, and pain) start to manifest.

Symptoms of a Car Accident Knee Injury

After a car accident, seek immediate medical attention, even if you dont think your injuries are especially serious. A doctor will ask you the right questions and can perform a full medical evaluation to assess current and potential symptoms you might experience in the future. They will also tell you how and when to follow up. After you meet with your healthcare professional, you will need to monitor your progress and take notes of any developing symptoms that you notice.

Symptoms of a knee injury to watch for include:

  • Swelling Where did your knee swell up? Take careful notes about when you notice the most severe swelling. Is your knee swollen more in the morning or at night? After physical activity or when you are resting?
  • The type of pain you are feeling Do you feel a sharp, stabbing, localized pain? Or more of a dull, overall ache throughout a large area? The type of pain you experience can help your doctor identify the injury you sustained.
  • Limited mobility when walking Even if you dont feel any pain or notice any swelling, are you still able to move freely as you were before the accident? If you notice limited mobility (when walking, running, or moving from side to side) after an accident, mention this to your doctor.
Take notes and document anything that changed after the accident. Some injuries will actually not present immediately painful symptoms, but other signs, like the limited range of mobility, can indicate a problem with your knee. An X-ray may show broken bones in the knee area, but it cant detect soft tissue damage. For this reason, it is up to you and your doctor to explore any issues related to your knee that an X-ray does not reveal.

Have You Suffered a Knee Injury in a Car Accident? Call a Car Accident Law Firm Today

If you sustained a knee injury in a car accident, life can change in a split second! One minute, you are completely mobileand the next, you are suffering from an injury that limits your ability to walk, stand, work, or even sleep. A knee injury often requires surgeries and a long, painful recovery period. Sometimes these injuries will require future surgeries. They can leave a lasting impact on a once-healthy persons physical abilities.

If you experienced a knee injury due to a car accident, speak with a personal injury lawyer NOW. Dont delay in learning more about your legal options for assistance. The insurance companies are working to reduce the amount of your settlement, and you should have experienced representation on your side to fight back. The team of lawyers and legal professionals at Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, is hereand we are READY to help! We understand the difficulties and expenses involved in knee injuries. Our team will review the details of your case and put together a proactive plan to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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