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Importance of Getting Witness Statements After a Car Accident

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It is your turn at a four-way stop, and as you enter the intersection, another driver completely ignores the stop sign and slams into your car. You know that you came to a complete stopand the other driver didnt. When you get out of the car, however, that driver OF COURSE claims to have stopped and that YOU went out of turn. At this point, it feels like it is your word against the other driver’sand this he-said/she-said situation happens all too often.

It shouldnt be a surprise that drivers dont like to admit their mistakes. When someone is at fault in an accident, they risk their insurance rates going up or even having to pay out of pocket for the injuries and damage they have caused. If they broke a law, the police may issue a citation or even arrest them if the accident involved drunk driving or road rage. Without such citations or arrests, however, how can you prove the other driver was at fault?

One powerful tool in car accidents cases are the statements of witnesses to the crash. Many times after a crash, you will see numerous people standing around at the sceneand this is often because people who saw the crash also stopped. They may stop to make sure everyones okay and to provide helpbut if they saw what happened, their description of what they saw can become central to your car accident case.

At the law office of Stewart J. Guss, our attorneys know the importance of finding and using witness statements after an accident. We can build a comprehensive case to support your claim and stand up for your right to compensation for your injuries and losses. We have more than 20 years of experience representing injured clients, and we know whats important during the legal process. If you were injured call, (800) 898-4877 or contact us now by clicking HERE to discuss your rights.

An Objective Perspective

Drivers involved in a crash have an incentive to not tell the truth about what happened. Do you think a teenaged driver is going to immediately admit to texting? Drivers often want to avoid the consequences of their negligent acts, so you cant always trust their statements. And even in their attempts to tell the truth, their statements and explanations can contain biases.

Witnesses, on the other hand, dont have anything to lose by telling the truth. Witnesses often dont know either driver in the accident, so they dont have a reason to favor one driver over the other. If they saw a driver run a stop sign, they likely will honestly say so, since they want to help the victims of the accident who did nothing wrong. For these reasons, witness statements are often given considerable weight in car accident claims.

Some lawyers dont bother with witness statements and may try to tackle a case with only your account of what happened. Our attorneys know that if witnesses are available, their statements can prove extremely important to your case, and well take the time to get complete statements from them whenever possible.

Getting Statements as Soon as Possible

The timing of a witness statement can prove critical. Witnesses dont have to deal with injuries or property damage after accidents. Seeing a crash is often just a story they tell their co-workers and families before they move on with their lives, and its all too easy for them to forget key details about what they saw. Because memories fade, however, its important to get their statements as soon after the accident as possible.

We know that A LOT is happening at the scene of an accident. Paramedics and police will want to talk to you, towtrucks may need to move cars, and you may need to go for an ambulance ride. However, if your injuries and situation allow it, make sure to talk to the witnesses who stopped. Get their names and phone numbers and ask if theyre willing to give a statement. They may send you an email or text with their descriptions of how the crash happened. Even if you cant talk to witnesses due to your injuries, if you are able, ask police if theyll gather the contact information so you can get it from the police report.

The sooner we can contact witnesses in your case, the better. So, after a crash, dont delay in contacting our firm’s experienced intake department. If you wait too long to get your case started, the witnesss memory can fade or they can become distracted by other things in their lives. The sooner we can talk to them, the more they may help your claim.

How Statements Can Help

If you know who witnessed the accident, our attorneys may call them in for a witness interview so we can determine how best they can help your case. In some situations, witnesses may need to participate in depositions, which are formal recorded interviews under oath. The information in these depositions can memorialize witness’s stories of what occurred, and what they say in depositions can remind them of details of the crash at a later date.

Witness statements and depositions can provide an extremely persuasive negotiating tactic. Negligent drivers may prove more willing to agree to fair settlements for the victim if they know that an objective person is willing to stand up and call their actions negligent. If a case does go to trial, having your witness take the stand may persuade a jury to find the case in your favor.

Our Car Accident Lawyers Will Go to Work for You

Witness statements can provide powerful evidence in any car accident claim. Our attorneys at Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, understand the many ways to gather and present evidence to support our clients claims. We will do everything possible to protect your rights and wont stop negotiating until you obtain the settlement or award you deserve. Our services won’t cost you a DIME unless you receive payment. Please call us today at (800) 898-4877 or contact us now by clicking HERE to set up your free consultation.

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