News & opinion Cargo can Cause Additional Damage in a Truck Accident

Cargo can Cause Additional Damage in a Truck Accident

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Semi-trucks are capable of hauling thousands of pounds of cargo from place to place and it is not uncommon to see them transporting cars, heavy machinery, lumber, or other heavy, bulky items. In addition, a trailer may be filled with animals, furniture, appliances, and a wide variety of other consumer goods. Some trucks transport chemicals, fuel, and other cargo in liquid or gas form.

While a collision involving large commercial trucks can be devastating in itself and the impact can cause serious injuries, in many situations, the cargo of the truck can result in additional damage and injuries. If cargo spills in a truck accident, the damage may be exacerbated in different ways.

Traditional cargo – The impact of a collision can cause a trailer door to fly open and whatever cargo is inside the trailer may fall out of the trailer. Such cargo can be spread across the entire roadway, leading to chain reaction crashes involving other vehicles or even causing damage when landing on other vehicles.

Flatbed trucks – Flatbed trucks are used to carry large, heavy, and oddly-shaped cargo that will not fit inside a traditional trailer. Flatbeds can carry lumber, vehicles, or even houses. If a flatbed is involved in a rollover1 or jackknife,2 the cargo can fall off the trailer and land on vehicles or in the path of oncoming traffic, which may not be able to stop. Logging trucks can cause particularly serious issues, as the large logs often roll across the entire roadway.

Tanker trucks – Tanker trucks can carry dangerous cargo that can be toxic or flammable. In the event of a crash, chemicals or fuel can spill out and can cause contact burns, toxic exposure, or can even catch fire or cause an explosion. In these cases, the injuries from a tanker truck accident can be severe and widespread.

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