News & opinion 31 Things You Didn’t Know About Auto Accidents

31 Things You Didn’t Know About Auto Accidents


1. 95% of car accidents1 are caused by driver behavior, combined with other drivers and or mechanical failures.

2. As many as 50%1 of accidents are caused by driver distraction.

3. The vast majority of those 1,400,0001 car wrecks in the USA annually are caused by cell phone conversations while 200,000 are caused by text messaging (read our article ‘Ban Texting While Driving‘.

4. In 2008, 800,0001 people made cell calls or texted EVERY DAY while driving.

5. Almost 50%1 of people between the age of 18 and 24 text while driving.  You should think about this if you have children at home who are just learning to drive.

6. 400%1 = the increase in time that it takes you to notice hazards when texting while driving.

7. Using a cell phone1 while driving delays reactions as much as driving with a blood alcohol level of .08%

8. 90%¹ of drivers admit to speeding at some time during the time they have been driving.

9. 75%1 of drivers admit to speeding on a regular basis.

10. Speeding is a triple threat1 – it reduces the amount of time you have to react, it increases the likelihood of having an accident, and it triples the severity of the accident.

11. In the USA 37%1 of all fatalities on the roads in 2005 were alcohol related.

12. In the USA in 2005 there were 15,3871 deaths related to alcohol and driving.

13. At a .08% blood alcohol level you are 11 times more likely to have an accident than a sober driver1.  If you are drinking one of the popular new craft beers with a higher alcohol level, you can hit .08% after as little as two beers.

14. Students are the most likely to have accidents2 – in the course of 12 months, 1000 students will average 152 accidents and 87 will receive speeding tickets.

15. Doctors2 – 1,000 doctors average 109 accidents and 44 speeding tickets.

16. Lawyers2 – 1,000 lawyers average 106 accidents and 37 speeding tickets.

17. Architects2 – 1,000 architects average 105 accidents and 72 speeding tickets.

18. Real Estate Agents2 – 1,000 real estate brokers average 102 accidents and 39 speeding tickets.

19. Enlisted Personnel2 – 1,000 enlisted military personnel average 99 accidents and 78 speeding tickets.

20. Social Workers2 – 1,000 social workers average 98 accidents and 33 speeding tickets.

21. Manual Laborers2 – 1,000 manual laborers average 96 accidents and 77 speeding tickets.

22. Analysts2 – 1,000 analysts average 95 accidents and 40 speeding tickets.

23. Engineers2 – 1,000 engineers average 94 accidents and 51 speeding tickets.

24. Consultants2 – 1,000 consultants average 94 accidents and 50 speeding tickets.

25. Some insurers2 will take your profession into account when they calculate your car insurance rate. Some professions are eligible for discounts. However, it’s a very small factor in a complicated formula. Your driving record, claims and credit history, age, gender, where you live and the type of car you drive are just a few others that matter.

26. Where accidents3 happen:

Distance From Home % of Accidents
< 1 mile 23%
2 – 5 miles 29%
6 – 10 miles 17%
11 – 15 miles 8%
16 – 20 miles 6%
> 20 miles 17%


27. According to Allstate4 data, the city in the US with the highest accident rate is Washington, D.C. Second highest is Baltimore. Third highest is Glendale, CA.

28. California5 leads the country in fatalities resulting from traffic accidents (followed closely by Texas). Of course, both states have huge populations. If you instead look at deaths per 100 million miles traveled, you get a much different picture. Though it has relatively few total fatalities, Montana has the highest fatality rate in the country.

29. It is likely no surprise that the 6-hour6 block during the day in which most accidents occurred in 2010 (the last year data was available) was 3-9pm, with the highest percentage of them occurring between 6-9pm — evening rush hour.

30. In comparison, 53%6 (1,020 out of 1,941) of all fatal accidents between 9pm and midnight were alcohol related in 2010. Things get even more treacherous after midnight. From 12:01 to 6am, alcohol was a factor in a full 71% (1,466 out of 2,069) lethal crashes.  Think about that – after midnight, 3 out of 4 fatal accidents will involve alcohol.  That is, well, very sobering.

31. The 107 most dangerous food to eat while driving…….

  1. Coffee: It always finds a way out of the cup.
  2. Hot soup: Many people drink it like coffee and run the same risks.
  3. Tacos: A food that can disassemble itself without much help, leaving your car looking like a salad bar.
  4. Chili: The potential for drips and slops down the front of clothing is significant.
  5. Hamburgers: From the grease of the burger to ketchup and mustard, it could all end up on your hands, your clothes, and the steering wheel.
  6. Barbecued food: The same issue arises for barbecued foods as for hamburgers. The sauce may be great, but if you have to lick your fingers, the sauce will end up on whatever you touch.
  7. Fried chicken: Another food that leaves you with greasy hands, also makes the steering wheel greasy.
  8. Jelly or cream-filled donuts.
  9. Soft drinks.
  10. Chocolate.


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